Grand Theft Auto IV cover


Grand Theft Auto IV or GTA 4 is a 2008 free roam action video game published by Rockstar Games, and developed by games developer Rockstar North in the United Kingdom. It has been rated as M by the ESRB released for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 video game consoles, and for the Windows operating system. The game involves a separate timeline and world than its predecessors, starting the fourth "era" in the Grand Theft Auto series, and is set in fictional Liberty City, based heavily on modern day New York City.

Plot and GameplayEdit

The game follows the adventures of Eastern European war veteran Niko Bellic who comes to live the American Dream after he is persuaded by his cousin Roman who promises money, cars, and lots of fine women. As the taxi buisness that Niko works in begins to fail, he has mounting debts and many of Liberty City's criminals have put a large price on his head. Niko must accomplish missions for all kind of people that include mobsters, drug lords and playboys.